Founders' Story

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to discover Daya Botanica.

We are two friends with an interest in wellness – that of the individual, but also of society, and the world we live in.

Walking through any Malaysian pharmacy, it’s easy to observe the gap in the local market for competitively priced, high quality skin and personal care products. Most commercial brands available are either imported and expensively priced, or poor quality and filled with cheap chemicals and harsh synthetic ingredients.

That’s how our journey began. At Daya Botanica, we believe that wellness starts with choosing a way of life that maximises good and minimises harm to ourselves and our surroundings.

We believe in selling only quality products that we would ourselves use. A painstaking search led us to a reputable Malaysian manufacturer specialising in natural plant-based skin care, with a firm focus on safety and quality. Our ingredients are carefully selected to deliver a delightful sensory experience and optimal benefit to skin and wellbeing. Each item is designed to be an elegant addition to the home.

Daya Botanica aims to provide great value - uncompromising quality at reasonable prices.

We believe that money used wisely can achieve tangible good. The annual South East Asian haze caused by persistent forest fires made us consider simple ways we could help support and protect our living environment. Our partnership with Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC) does exactly that. When you buy a Daya Botanica product, you are contributing financially to TRCRC’s tree planting program. 

We’re excited to welcome you on our adventure and invite you to partner with us in capturing beauty, creating value and doing good.

Phebe and Joanne x