Our Forests Need Protection

Forests are an incredible resource! They are a source of food, oxygen, and fresh water. They are a natural carbon sink, helping to reduce the rate of carbon emissions and global warming. They protect the land we live on by preventing soil erosion and floods. And of course, they serve as a home for an array of wildlife.

Forest exploitation occurs every day. Logging, land clearing, conversion to plantations, intensive and poorly planned development all contribute to flooding, soil degradation, loss of forest cover, and reduction in plant and animal species. It threatens the livelihoods of people who live off the land.


Let's Do Our Part

Daya Botanica have partnered with Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC), a Malaysian NGO dedicated to rehabilitation of degraded forests, and conservation of endangered local plants.

TRCRC collects seeds from a diverse variety of local tree species, raising them in nurseries, until they are ready to be re-introduced into areas damaged by deforestation. This begins the gradual process of restoring forest cover, preserving bio-diversity, and restoring the natural habitat of local wildlife species.

For every product you purchase from our Citrus and Jasmine range, we contribute a percentage of the profits to TRCRC.

Contact TRCRC to find out how you can do more.